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Training The able members of National Media Force Trust will be appointed in different branches after providing physical, mental
and ethical training in camps/Seminars etc.
Media Scenario
Today Media is the most trusted, effective, respected and powerful instrument in India. 
For the past few years, media has accomplished some very eyeopening tasks for the cuse of society and nation, which the responsible Government bodies failed to do. By its impartial functioning, it has won the praise of people of India. Today, of anybody is irritated with the growing importance of Media that are corupt politicians, bureaucrats and the traitors of the country. Today, we cannot imagine Democracy without the existence of Media. It is Media that is strengthening and safeguarding the democratic principles. It is selflessly and relentlessly functioning for the cause of society and nation. That‘s why all the corrupt and anti national elements are afraid of it and they are trying to uproot this institution by adopting hook-or-cook measures. We are of the opinion that if the Media of the country organized itself and work collectively towards the noble cause of nation-building. Then a positive transformation will definitely take place. If media will weaken, then we cannot save country from the divisive power. Therefore, it is the prime necessity of time that the divided powers of Media and Journalism may be organized for the cause of nation.
National Media Force is a Constituted Media Organigation under Indian Trust Act.
1882 duly Regd. by Govt. of Delhi. Vide Registration No. 2380/Delhi/2009
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