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Training Camp & Seminars
Training The able members of National Media Force Trust will be appointed in different branches after providing physical, mental
and ethical training in camps/Seminars etc.
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Any citizen to India join as a amember of National Media force . the fees is Rs. 500/- per year.

Under this category , persons associated with various social organization and media Institutions / Agencies will be included the fee Rs. 1100/- per year.

This category will include officer bears of executive bodies of various brances/divisions. An amout of Rs. 2100/- per year.

Any journalist/Social worker may join in this category. They will be appointed as advisor in various in various branches of National Media Force. An amount of Rs. 5100 will be charged annually as I-Card renewal charge.

Any respectable person from the society will be patron of National Media Force. They will be member of central organizing body. An amount of Rs. 11000 will be received as one time fee and Rs. 600 will be charged annualy as I- Card renewal charge.

Any patriotic social servant, journalist, scientist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, writer and any prominent person may become member of NATIONAL MEDIA Force to provides his contribution for the development and strengthening of the nation. For this he will have to do the following:-

  1. He will have to submit some documents such as address proof (copy of ration card or Voter ID), copies of educational/professional qualification and four passport size photographs along with the application form.
  2. He will have to declare that will not do any work that may hurt the prestige of nation, society, law of land, journalism and Media Force.
  3. He will have to submit in writing on notary paper that no criminal case is running against him in any court of law.
  4. He will have to submit in writing on notary paper that he is not involved in any type of antisocial and anti national activity.
  5. I-card regarding membership of Media Force will issued after 10 days of submission of application form.
Note:  For opening branches at state, District and Block level, contact Head office for obtaining separate guideline.
# National Media Force is a Constituted Media Organigation under Indian Trust Act.
1882 duly Regd. by Govt. of Delhi. Vide Registration No. 2380/Delhi/2009
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