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Training Camp & Seminars
Training The able members of National Media Force Trust will be appointed in different branches after providing physical, mental
and ethical training in camps/Seminars etc.
Programme Of National Media Force
  1. Keeping a vigil on all government/semi-government Departments accountable to the people of India.
  2. Survey/Analysis of each information officer with the help of right to information Act. 2005.
  3. Initiating legal action against those involved in misuse of Media (Press) and boycotting them socially.
  4. Raising voice against oppression of media representatives.
  5. Organizing /Strengthening the scattered power of Media form Village to National level.
  6. Campaigning for ensuring timely and effective implementation of orders and guidelines of hon’ble Supreme Court of India, New Delhi from time to time.
  7. Promoting social upliftment and national security by working for cooperating between Government and justice.
  8. Democratic change at national and social level in India.


# National Media Force is a Constituted Media Organigation under Indian Trust Act.
1882 duly Regd. by Govt. of Delhi. Vide Registration No. 2380/Delhi/2009
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