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Training Camp & Seminars
The able members of National Media Force Trust will be appointed in different branches after providing physical, mental
and ethical training in camps/Seminars etc.
Aim And Objectives Of National Media Force (NMFT)

The object for thich the trust is established are Education, Relief to poor, Medical relief or advancement of any other object of general public utility and for such purpose but not involving the carrying of any other activity for profit. Brief descriptionof objects:-

  1. Imparting, education/knowledge of media and journalists to economically backward and deserving students without any distinction of caste, colour or creed.
  2. Establishment and maintenance of schools, colleges, study centers and other institutions for imparting media and journalists of students.
  3. To print and publish articles, periodicals and pamphlets to topics related to fitness and allied sciences.
  4. To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals and other publications in different language for the propagation of above aims and objects.
  5. Establishment and support of fellowship, scholarship and prizes for enhancement of education and training.
  6. Establishment and maintenance of support to hostels and boarding houses and grant of boarding and lodging to economically backward and deserving students upon such terms and for such period in each case as a trustee may think fit.
  7. Awarding scholarships, fellowship for the purpose of undertaking higher education and research work in any branch of computer science, computer engineering and media education to such deserving students of scholars who can not afford and have no means to under  take such work or studies on such term and conditions the trustees may think fit but without any distinction caste. Colour and creed.
  8. To establish, maintain and support libraries, museums and reading room for adbancement of education and knowledge.
  9. To conduct all kinds of vocational & job oriented courses.
  10. To enter into joint venture or collaborate with other institutions operating in the field in any part of the world to incomrporate latest technology and facilities available for imparting education, training and research in the field.
B. Relief To The Poor Which Includes:-
  1. Establishing or rendering help to any institution for the alleviation or human suffering.
  2. Subscription, contribution and / or donations to any public charitable trust or fund or institutions for promotions of any public charitable objectives.
  3. The creation, maintenance, supply or support of garden, gymnasiums physical culture centers, sport centers and other means or recreation for advancement of sports, Health and Hydiene.
  4. Providing justice and help to needy exploited and down trodden people. Spreading social and legal awareness and communal harmony for the Nobel cause of social unliftment and national security.
C. Medical Relief In Such Manner As The Trustee May Think Fit, Including:
  • Endowment and help or support to hospitals, health centres and dispensaries.
  • Grant of Medical help to the poor and grant of medical help to deserving persons during epidemic, famine, flood, earthquake or any unforeseem  calamity or war like conditions.
D. Other Objects Of General Public Utility, Includes:
  1. To construct, to built-up, to develop, to maintain, to run, to manage, to take over the community hall, dharamshala for poor people, sarai, cultural centers, rest house or any accommodation for the welfare of the people. To buy the land from government authorities or any other private organization or any person for the aforesaid purpose.
  2. To establish and develop institution for the physical handicapped and disabled or mentally retard person any to provide them education, food, clothing or other help.
  3. To help to the widows, the needy, the orphans, and the old destitute and incapacitated/handicapped in the form of monetary assistance, medical aid, scholarship for education etc.
  4. To establish/maintain and develop centre for media like electronic/we news channel, print news agency, books & magazine etc.
# National Media Force is a Constituted Media Organigation under Indian Trust Act.
1882 duly Regd. by Govt. of Delhi. Vide Registration No. 2380/Delhi/2009
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