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Training The able members of National Media Force Trust will be appointed in different branches after providing physical, mental
and ethical training in camps/Seminars etc.
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National Media Force , which is committed to stop downfall in Journalism appeals all TV channels, & Press Journalists, and all person directed or indirectly related to print and Electronic media. To work with National Media Force in order to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation as well as media.

Today, a great responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of indian journalists and that is the service and security of the Nation. Press has the power that can enligthen the very soul of the nation. Unfortunately, today some selfish politicians and bureaucrats are using media for their selfish ends and diverting the institution of Media from its real objectives. National Media Force has stood up to correct this situation nobody can stop it from its objectives. It is a combined platform of respected citizens and journalists of India.

National Media Force is a Constituted Media Organigation under Indian Trust Act.
1882 duly Regd. by Govt. of Delhi. Vide Registration No. 2380/Delhi/2009
National Media Force
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